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Where We Get Our Food
The BTC's Local Famers and Sources

Year Round.

Milk from Billy Ray Brown of the Brown Family Dairy. Billy Ray’s herd of ten Jersey cows (and his hundreds of Angus beef cattle) graze year-round on green pastures just down the road in Tula, twelve miles away.

Meat from Homeplace Pastures up in Como. Marshall Bartlett raises beef, pork, and lamb on pasture. His animals are treated right.

Fresh eggs- light brown, chocolate brown, even blue. $3.99/dozen from Mr. William Jeffries, who also brings us fresh vegetables in the summer. 

Honey from the Zooks. Thie raw unfiltered honey is so seasonal-- dark in the spring, floral in the fall, and Joe can tell you exactly what his bees were imbibing for every jar.

Freshly freshly ground cornmeal and grits from The Original Grit Girl, a good friend and neighbor.

Rice from Mike Wagner of Two Brooks Farm in Sumner, Mississippi. Delicious and also farmed ecologically.

Tomatoes from Mr. Hal, blueberries from Joe, sweet potatoes from the Williamsons, and watermelons from Mr. William. Organic and local vegetables from Kevin and Native Son Farm. 

And lastly, us. Keep your eyes out for raised-by-us and grown-by-us and feel free to ask questions. The store often has fresh veggies and meat from our own small farm.

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